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Posts tagged "celebrities"

Second drunk driving arrest this year for Randy Travis

Country singer Randy Travis is in the news again, this time for allegations that he was driving drunk and that, when he was found naked, threatened to kill state troopers.

Mel Gibson has an enemy in his stepmom, who wants restraining order

Surprise, surprise. Former A-list actor Mel Gibson is the target of another legal attack. He's in the limelight due to a more personal matter this time, involving his father and his stepmother. ABC News reports that the stepmom is seeking a restraining order against the star.

Brooke Mueller's Colorado drug arrest leads to lenient sentence

Back in December, we published a post about a celebrity drug arrest in Colorado. It seems as though Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex and the mother of his twins, has a hard time avoiding legal hardship when she is in the state. The previous post indicated that Mueller faced criminal charges of assault and cocaine possession.

Rules against drinking spreading through MLB clubhouses

For most sports fans, being on a professional sports team is only a childhood fantasy that is never realized. It's easy to only see the fame, glamour, travel and money that come with the life of a star MLB player, but there are drawbacks to the job as well.

Colorado Rockies player suspended for supposed drug abuse

In the past, we have covered multiple stories involving professional athletes. Athletes are not strangers to facing criminal charges. Perhaps it's because the system likes to try to make very public examples of the players, but the reason cannot be entirely identified.

Another Denver Bronco faces criminal charges

It's only preseason; yet, officials have already found a reason to arrest an NFL player for an alleged crime. It is no surprise that professional athletes commonly become targets of criminal charges, and this time, it is a Denver Bronco whose future is on the line.

DNA test contributes to sex assault charge against NFL's Cox

We have written about the criminal case against Denver Broncos player Perrish Cox on multiple occasions. Details about the sexual assault case have been a long time coming because of attorneys' requests for the arrest affidavit related to the incident to be kept private.

Denver Bronco's sex assault arrest affidavit to go public

About one month ago, we posted a piece about high-profile Denver Broncos player Perrish Cox. The NFL star faces two serious charges: sexual assault while the victim was physically helpless and sexual assault while the victim was incapable of determining the nature of the conduct.

Denver Bronco pleads not guilty to sex assault charge

From the perspective of the public, it seems as though professional athletes wind up in legal trouble more often than the average person. It could be because they truly get in trouble, but it could also be that they are easy targets of people seeking to benefit from their downfall.

Judge: Denver Bronco's sex crime case gets no special treatment

As we have discussed before within this blog, criminal charges of any kind have a significant impact on the course of one's life. Sometimes, the impact is intensified when the defendant's life is lived largely in the public eye.