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Posts tagged "assaults"

Domestic violence charges involving woman are dropped

Domestic violence is a crime generally associated with male partners is a relationship, but occasionally women can be charged with the crime as well. In a nationally publicized story, domestic violence and assault charges were recently dismissed against a woman that was accused of punching and biting a former college football star, Maurice Clarett.

Domestic violence charges dropped when accuser changes story

Domestic violence is no doubt a major concern in our society, but so are false allegations of domestic violence and assault. In one recent incident of claimed domestic violence, the police dropped charges against the accused man after the man's girlfriend changed her story as to how the domestic violence supposedly came about.

Domestic assault charges dropped against official

A government official was charged regarding a domestic dispute situation, but the charges have since been dropped. The simple assault and harassment charges against the 33-year old man were dropped after the purported victim refused to testify at a preliminary hearing.

Surveillance system shows domestic violence charges may be false

A man out east was charged with a number of crimes, but it now appears that a home security surveillance system may exonerate him from these serious charges. The domestic violence charges range from aggravated assault, terroristic threats and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Brooke Mueller's Colorado drug arrest leads to lenient sentence

Back in December, we published a post about a celebrity drug arrest in Colorado. It seems as though Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex and the mother of his twins, has a hard time avoiding legal hardship when she is in the state. The previous post indicated that Mueller faced criminal charges of assault and cocaine possession.

Country singer avoids jail in domestic violence case

Whenever charges are made that a couple has been involved in domestic violence, the facts can be difficult to determine. The difficulty is that, oftentimes, it is one person's word against the other.

Sex assault claim isn't a conviction or reason to attack suspect

It's not surprising that a parent would become emotional if they believed that their child were a victim of sexual assault. However, there are laws for a reason. They are meant to protect people's safety and the overall good of the community. If everyone were treated by society as a convicted criminal simply after being accused of a crime, a lot of us would be in trouble.

Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller amidst another legal stir in Colorado

More than a year ago, we shared a domestic violence post about star Charlie Sheen and his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller. They were in Aspen and Mueller called in authorities, claiming that Sheen was being violent toward her. She later wanted to drop the charges against him, and even though they are now divorced, the two still have a close relationship. They are parents of two twin boys.

Teen accepts plea deal in Colorado daycare sex assault case

A daycare worker was recently arrested and charged with numerous offenses related to inappropriate interactions with children. The alleged sexual assault incidents purportedly took place at a Colorado church that offers childcare services to the surrounding community. The 19-year-old defendant in this case was an employee of the church daycare facility. The defendant pleaded guilty to two felony counts, first-degree assault and attempted sexual assault. Although he has not yet appeared for a sentencing hearing, it is expected that he will face 20 to 40 years in prison with at least ten years of supervised probation following his release. He will also be required to register as a sex offender.

Man Goes from Colorado DUI Suspect to Attempted Murder Suspect

A note to all who might be suspected of driving drunk: try not to injure a police officer who is trying to investigate the case. Last Tuesday, Dec. 28, a Colorado man was pulled over by police based on drunk driving suspicion. Instead of complying with the officer, the DUI suspect reportedly sped off and drove over the officer's foot in his misguided attempt to flee the scene.