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Spotlight on Colorado’s exacting vehicular homicide law

Regular readers of our criminal defense blog posts at Denver-based Shazam Kianpour & Associates note well our recurrent stressing of one fundamental point concerning Colorado law relevant to drunk driving.

What is vehicular manslaughter?

If you've been involved in a car accident, there's a chance you could be accused of vehicular homicide or manslaughter. There is a particularly high chance of this if you've been charged with a DUI for driving with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08 percent or if it appears that you intended to cause harm to another person or that person's property.

Colorado teen pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

While we enjoy many freedoms here in Colorado that have yet to spread to the rest of the country, those freedoms do carry with them the potential to bring great harm when abused. A young man has come to terms with this tragic reality after pleading guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide and DUI in an accident that claimed the lives of two people in May of 2016.

Man sentenced to vehicular homicide for drunk driving accident

No one wants to hurt another person in a moment of foolishness, but drunk drivers often find themselves in just this situation. Unfortunately, those same drivers often make the double mistake of being overcome by the weight of the situation and making things much worse for themselves in the process.

Colorado man attempts to kill his young son in car accident

A grizzly scene concluded much better than it was meant to recently, when a Colorado man was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill his 2-year-old son. The man is currently facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular manslaughter, among others.

What is vehicular manslaughter or homicide?

If you've been suffering because of the loss of a loved one after a car accident, you may be wondering what the law will do to protect others and to punish the persons who caused your family member's death. One thing the law may do is classify the case as a vehicular manslaughter or homicide.

In Colorado how serious is vehicular homicide due to DUI?

Any kind of criminal charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is serious. However, when a person's actions behind the wheel result in the death of another person, it becomes a much more serious incident. This is true not just in Colorado but in all other states as well. If you are facing vehicular homicide charges, then you are in serious trouble and need legal help as soon as possible.

Police: Colorado DUI driver hits two road construction workers

Two Colorado road construction workers have non-life-threatening injuries after a 61-year-old man allegedly caused a work zone traffic accident while driving drunk. A spokesperson for the construction company which has offices in Denver and Littleton said, "My guys were working on the manhole...we were using another truck to help shield the workers, and as this guy careened off the truck and through the cones and hit the truck which slid into my workers."