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Are you required to give phone data to police?

For many people, much or all of their lives are documented on their cellphones, making those devices a likely target for law enforcement agencies that believe they have committed a crime. But it may not be as simple as police or the FBI getting a warrant to get that information.

Is a beefed-up ban soon coming re behind-the-wheel cellphone use?

We note on our criminal defense website at Shazam Kianpour & Associates the often mistaken assumption that a ticketed traffic offense is largely an irritant/inconvenience and nothing more.

Colorado among least friendly of all states for speeders

We noted in a recent blog post the traffic ticket woes of now former Denver Police Chief Robert White while he was on the job. And we stressed in our July 6 entry that the chief’s story was hardly singular, because “just about everyone can be pulled over and ticketed for some alleged offense.”

Road rage: Colorado vet denied entry to diversionary program

A sad reality that occasionally surfaces on Colorado roadways and elsewhere across the United States is road rage, which can lead to truly dire results for both offenders and victims.