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Should teen “sexting” offense mandate sex offender registration?

Colorado frequently garners media space in news outlets across the country. Stories concerning the state often underscore its matchless beauty and unparalleled status as a ground central locale for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Unwary teens’ online behavior can reap harsh criminal consequences

Colorado parents know all about the vulnerabilities of their children, who are understandably prone to occasionally rash behavior and questionable judgment as they work their way toward adulthood. Moms and dads were once kids, too, and know that the road to maturity is an evolving process.

Forensics commentators give tempered support to new developments

The core take of many commentators on the oft-professed accuracy and even infallibility of forensic evidence submitted in criminal cases is that the underlying science is questionable and often flatly problematic.

CO child abuse-linked statute of limitations bill shot down

Colorado is similar to other states across the country in imposing mandatory reporting requirements upon select individuals having knowledge of sexual abuse being inflicted on children by third parties.

The location of alleged crimes can impact charges

People who are facing criminal charges have likely heard that there are specific protections they have as they go through the court system. The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution protects defendants from double jeopardy. This means that you can't be charged with the same crime twice; however, there are some caveats that you should know about if you are facing criminal charges.