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Spotlight on federal/state collusion in evidence matters, Part 2

The bottom line expressed in our immediately preceding blog post is clear-cut. It underscores the need for a proven criminal defense attorney to subject every piece of evidence against a client to closest scrutiny.

Driving While High: Always Illegal in Colorado

Over the last few years, new laws regarding the legalization of marijuana in Colorado have brought many new factors into question. One of these issues regards the combination of marijuana use and driving, which, like alcohol use and driving is still illegal, despite Colorado's new marijuana laws.

Son of Colorado senator charged with drug possession

Drug charges are not only hard on the person accused, but also the person’s entire family. This is especially true when drug addiction is an underlying problem.

Denver rolls out campaign as legalization of pot grows near

At the start of next year, which is just a few weeks away, marijuana will be legal in Colorado for recreational use. However, many people in Denver are probably wondering what this all means for them. Whether or not you are a proponent of marijuana legalization or not, the law must be implemented properly and people must comply with the law. The City of Denver has rolled out a new website,, to try to inform the public of the laws regarding marijuana sales and use.

Marijuana raids in Colorado last week show risks of business

Last year, Colorado legalized limited recreational use of marijuana. However, retail marijuana shops won't be allowed until Jan. 1, 2014. At the end of last month, raids of marijuana warehouses, homes and a Denver dispensary demonstrated how risky the business of marijuana might be as federal law still prohibits the sale of the drug.

Customers arrested for alleged purchase of "spice" at store

An alleged synthetic drug ring in Colorado which has claimed to have been the subject of months of investigation by federal agents has resulted in at least nine arrests.  Drug Enforcement Administration officials claim to have seized 150 pounds of synthetic marijuana (also known as spice).  

Colorado drug crimes may result in disenfranchisement

People who face drug charges in Colorado might believe that if they are convicted they will serve their sentence and that will be the only part of their conviction. However, they might not realize that they might be restricted in their voting rights.

Police officer quits Colorado job after drug charges filed

A police officer in Colorado has been accused of buying Ecstasy from a confidential police informant. According to a news report, the man has not quit his job as an officer, and is scheduled to appear in court later this month to face weapons and drug charges. The same reports says that the man is likely to plead guilty to the charges.

More teens provide false confessions, despite innocence

Police departments across the country arrest teens everyday. These teens might be accused of various crimes, including drug crimes. According to a database on exonerations in the United States, teens are more likely than adults to provide confessions for crimes that they didn't actually commit. A report on the database said that 38 percent of teens who are exonerated of a crime provided false confessions. These confessions are significant parts of many convictions.

Police officer charged with drug crimes after FBI sting

A man was arrested after allegedly buying drugs from someone who was working as a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant. The man who was arrested happens to be a police officer, which makes the charges he will face even more severe.