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Posts tagged "DUI defense"

Clark Gable's son arrested for drunk driving

The son of Hollywood icon Clark Gable was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Malibu. According to reports by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 52 year-old John Clark Gable allegedly hit a car near the Malibu Pier before crashing into six parked cars on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Lawmaker apologizes for drunk driving arrest

Drunk driving is a common, yet serious crime. A DUI arrest becomes headline news when professional athletes and celebrities are involved, and political scandals in Colorado can arise when high powered politicians are charged with a crime.

Repeat DUI offenders could face prison time

Colorado is one of four states without a felony DUI statute. If a Colorado Springs lawmaker has his way, this may change. Representative Mark Waller is sponsoring a bill that would treat a third DUI conviction in seven years (or a fourth DUI in a person's lifetime) as a felony offense that would be punished with three years in state prison.

Designated driver arrested for DUI

We encourage people to seek designated drivers or use taxi cabs (instead of driving) when they are out on the town. It is the easiest way to avoid being arrested for DUI or DWAI in Colorado. At Colorado State University, students may take advantage of RamRide, a service dedicated to transporting students who have been drinking.

Two Boulder police officers charged with DUIs

All drivers on Colorado roads are required to follow the law when it comes to drinking and driving, even police officers. That is why it is a sad irony when police officers are actually arrested and charged with DUI.

Man impaled by drunk driver who was a drug counselor

We have heard of many bizarre stories about drunk driving. We may laugh at some of the antics that come about, others are downright appalling. The story of a California woman driving drunk and hitting a pedestrian and who allegedly kept going (while the person was stuck to the car) falls in the latter category.

Could marijuana legalization affect traffic laws?

Colorado recently legalized possession of marijuana, as well as home grows and marijuana stores for anyone over the age of 21. However, the states which border Colorado have not passed the same legislation, and what is legal on one side of the border is an offense that can lead to arrest on the other. Notably, Wyoming representatives have recently spoke out about the laws in their state. In Cheyenne, the police chief noted that all of his officers have been fully trained in drug recognition.