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Posts tagged "DUI and DWAI charges"

Man arrested for DUI after fatal Colorado accident

A man is facing serious legal troubles after he was arrested following a fatal accident in Colorado. According to a report, the man was arrested for suspicion of causing a fatal traffic crash while drinking and driving. One of the victims of the accident was cause in their car and died as a result of injuries.

Former soldier from Colorado arrested for DUI

A former Fort Collins, Colorado city council man that had served in Afghanistan found himself pleading guilty to drunken driving. This individual testified at court that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He claimed PTSD may have been affecting him the evening that he was charged with a DUI.

Colorado DUI arrests during Super Bowl time

The Colorado State Patrol has announced that it arrested 421 individuals for DUI over Super Bowl weekend. This is close to 150 arrests more than occurred during Super Bowl weekend in 2012.

Driving under the influence of marijuana still illegal in Colorado

While some residents celebrate Colorado State Amendment 64, Colorado law enforcement and government officials still raise some concerns. The amendment was passed by a majority vote during the most recent election and removed most of Colorado's legal penalties when it comes to possession of a small amount of marijuana. However, it is not quite a smoker's free-for-all as there are still many unknowns facing Colorado's law enforcement.

Crackdown on drinking and driving took place over Halloween

A sting was conducted by Colorado law enforcement authorities over Halloween, and this resulted in 72 arrests for DUI in the Denver area and over 500 arrests statewide. The Colorado authorities have reported that there were more arrests this year than occurred around Halloween in 2011. Another crackdown is in the works over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

High Court to Hear Missouri Blood Draw Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue of whether police officers must obtain a search warrant before forcibly taking blood samples from a drunk driving suspect. Legal analysts believe that the case will shape privacy rights for drivers across America.

Marijuana, THC and alleged DUI

Colorado lawmakers are discussing possible blood level limits for individuals allegedly under the influence of marijuana. Such proposals have come up in the past, but Colorado legislators have decided against such laws on three separate occasions. In fact, only two states in the nation so far have similar type of legislation on the books.

Law enforcement DUI campaign ended on Labor Day

The rate of drunken driving arrests in Colorado is up more than 40 percent from what it was last summer. Obviously, this isn't because more individuals are drinking and driving. Instead, what it does mean is that law enforcement is cracking down on drunk driving.

Credentials of Colorado expert witness are questioned

Whether one party or the other prevails in a court is often dependent upon expert testimony that is provided. Experts are often given great weight in such matters, and not everyone questions this individual's credentials.