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Standardized test for marijuana intoxication still elusive

The Colorado Department of Transportation says that "any amount of marijuana consumption puts you at risk of driving impaired" and warns that you cannot judge your own level of impairment. The official DUID threshold for marijuana is five nanograms of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but officers are expected to base DUID arrests on the things they observe that indicate impairment.

What penalties may I face if convicted of DUI/DUID in Colorado?

Have you been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DUID) in Colorado? If so, you may find yourself thoroughly confused as you attempt to understand the various penalties that DUI and DUID charges carry in the Centennial State.

Learn more about DUI/DUID penalties in Colorado

Recently, our firm published a SlideShare presentation outlining the penalties you may face for a DUI or DUID conviction in Colorado. View our presentation below for additional insight regarding the state's DUI and DUID laws.

You Have Been Charged With DUI/DUID ― Now What?

When you find yourself facing DUI or DUID charges in Colorado, countless questions may begin to run through you mind. How much will my fine be? Will I have to go to jail? How can I be charged with DUID now that marijuana is legal?

DUI patrols will increase throughout prom season in Colorado

For many teenagers, the next few months are among the most exciting of the year -- and of their entire high school career. That's because the next sixty days-plus will not only see diplomas handed out at graduation, but also the rite of passage that is the prom. However, teens here in Colorado should be aware that the start of prom season was not only noted by school administrators, teachers and even area retailers, but also law enforcement officials.

Marijuana: Colorado says, "it's legal" and the Feds say, "it's illegal"

About a year ago, a former client approached our Denver based criminal defense law firm and asked for help setting up a marijuana dispensary. We had to turn him down. A few months later, we were again approached by a group of entrepreneurs looking to establish a legal facility allowing for recreational use of marijuana in their establishment in compliance with the recent Colorado law changes that are about to be implemented on January 1, 2014. We turned them down as well. They wanted to throw gobs of money at us... I still turned them down.

Colorado bill would increase penalties for DUI and DWAI

Colorado has yet to implement a felony DUI statute, but this may change if a new bill is passed. One Colorado legislator wants to stiffen penalties for so-called repeat DUI offenders, and the bill appears to have popular support.

Aspen teacher's career on the line after drug charges

For some people, even the hint of impropriety is enough to end their careers. These jobs typically are in the public eye or are in positions of influence. Teachers are prime examples of Coloradoans who are especially sensitive to bad press. Even when there is little to no evidence of wrongdoing, just an arrest is often enough to seriously threaten a teacher's career. An Aspen middle school teacher has already been suspended after he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Could marijuana legalization affect traffic laws?

Colorado recently legalized possession of marijuana, as well as home grows and marijuana stores for anyone over the age of 21. However, the states which border Colorado have not passed the same legislation, and what is legal on one side of the border is an offense that can lead to arrest on the other. Notably, Wyoming representatives have recently spoke out about the laws in their state. In Cheyenne, the police chief noted that all of his officers have been fully trained in drug recognition.