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Posts tagged "Breathalyzers"

Denver offers options to celebrate 2012 DUI-free

With other big holidays behind us, there is still one big celebration left this year. New Year's Eve is on Saturday, and the night will be sure to bring out the party animal in many of us. The city is offering some helpful transportation options for those out there who want to avoid being pulled over for drunk driving. That sort of scenario would not be a fun way to ring in the New Year.

Do Colorado Officials Get to Skip Jail Time after a DUI Arrest?

A Pueblo County case brings up a question: Why wasn't a Colorado Department of Corrections investigator treated the way the majority of the public would be treated following a DUI arrest? A recent report identifies a problem within the county, but exactly what the problem is is up for debate or interpretation. Either legal officials get preferential treatment within the system or the system has no clear standards regarding the handling of DUI arrests.