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Posts tagged "Arrested for drunk driving"

DUI enforcement will be strong through Monday in Colorado

People who are gathering with family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend in Colorado, might take this time to unwind and relax with a few adult beverages. However, it is important that people consume alcohol responsibly and understand their rights if they are pulled over for alleged drunk driving.

CDOT uses urinal cakes to discourage drunk driving

The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying something rather odd to send a message to bar patrons not to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. They are asking bars to place special urinal cakes in the men's restrooms that detect a person at the urinal and play a message discouraging the person from driving.

States urged by federal agency to lower DUI blood alcohol limits

The National Transportation Safety Board said this week that it believes the states should lower the amount of allowable blood-alcohol concentration. This recommendation came with mixed reviews from various groups and agencies across the country. While the recommendation is unlikely to prompt immediate action by all 50 states, it could have a substantial impact on the number of people charged with drunk driving related crimes in the future.