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Charged With Distribution Or Sale Of Marijuana?

The term “serious crime” suggests there are nonserious crimes, and many people believe that marijuana is a nonserious drug with nonserious criminal consequences. Unfortunately, this is not the case — especially when it comes to the distribution or sale of marijuana.

For instance, while an adult over the age of 21 can normally give (transfer) up to 1 ounce of marijuana to another adult over the age of 21 without facing penalty under Colorado law, that quickly changes if more than 1 ounce is involved or money is exchanged. In fact, even if the sale involves less than 4 ounces of marijuana, it is still a misdemeanor with possible jail time and large fines. If more than 4 ounces, you may even face felony charges.

The four attorneys of the Denver law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., have a long record of success in keeping clients’ records clean and keeping clients out of jail and prison following charges of marijuana distribution.

Aggressive Defense From A Firm That Has Handled Hundreds Of Drug Cases

Fortunately, there are defense strategies that can be used to fight back marijuana distribution charges. Weighing scales and baggies don’t prove someone is a dealer.

Baggies are just convenient for storage, and scales are sometimes needed to confirm weight when purchasing, but not necessarily when selling. And though Colorado’s ever-changing marijuana laws are confusing, we use our knowledge of those laws to protect our clients’ rights in marijuana cases.

Our unique abilities to resolve these matters for you include:

  • A combined 10,000-plus cases handled, including hundreds and hundreds of drug crimes.
  • Each of us has served as a government lawyer prior to entering criminal defense law. We have numerous contacts and relationships within the justice system, and we know all about prosecutors’ and police tactics.
  • Being familiar with the procedures of the Metro Drug Task Forces and skilled in negotiating with them or, if needed, questioning their methods and tactics.

If you face marijuana distribution charges, do not talk to the police. Instead, contact our firm for a no-charge consultation and aggressive, on-your-side advocacy.

Contact Us To Learn More About Colorado’s Marijuana Laws

We know that the laws surrounding marijuana are changing rapidly and causing confusion. If you are facing charges related to marijuana distribution, contact us today by calling 303-578-4036, or reach out online.