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Strong Defense Against Felony Child Abuse Charges

Child abuse felonies are incredibly serious cases that need competent and attentive representation. There are multiple ways to be charged with felony child abuse, and the more serious of them can carry sentences of 24 or even up to a potential 48 years in state prison (DOC). Felonies involving abuse of a child start as a class 4 felony (F4) and depending on the level of injury and the mental state of the actor at the time of commission of the crime, they can be charged as high as a class 2 felony (F2).

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, our team of child abuse lawyers has seen the penalties, the probation, the jail, the hardship and the fallout that occurs from the filing and prosecution of these charges tear families apart forever. We have seen many child abuse charges filed improperly by law enforcement. Sometimes there is a misdiagnosis by the child’s pediatrician.

Other times the parents are the ones who take the child to children’s hospital in Denver due to an ailment or injury, and next thing you know, they are being cornered, accused and charged by Denver police without any hesitation, or frankly, and meaningful investigation or extended medical analysis. Occasionally the outcry comes from a school administrator or a day care provider who calls Human Services or police based on a perceived injury or outcry from a child. Sometimes we discover it was the very day care that called, that committed the crime by hiding it and trying to blame the parent.

How Felony Child Abuse can be Charged in Denver

How would it feel to take your baby to a hospital because you feel he has a medical condition? You are the concerned parent who bothered spending the money, and taking the time to do this while many other parents you know wouldn’t care enough to try, or did not want to waste time or money on a “possible problem” without more glaring proof that their kid is sick, or injured. Now, for all the diligence and caring you have shown, you are all of a sudden whisked into a small room in the hospital where there are Denver police officers and a physician’s assistant or nurse waiting.

They treat you like you are guilty from the start, jumping at every word you utter that may sound off or odd simply because you are scared about your child’s well-being. Tomorrow they come to your house and place you in handcuffs. They claim that the doctor just signed off on an SBI (serious bodily injury) form meaning they think someone hurt your kid and you are the likely suspect. Now you have to post a $25,000 or $50,000 (or higher) bond just to get out of jail. When you see the judge you are told you have to move out of your home, that you cannot see your baby.

Law enforcement is trying to cause a rift between you and your wife or husband. They send Human Services to your house to tell your spouse that if your spouse keeps supporting you and your innocence, that Human Services will deem that neither party is fit to be a parent and the child will be taken away and placed in foster care. It sounds awful doesn’t it? It happens all the time.

Sometimes we see parents trying to do the things that make them popular with their child or their children’s friends. Perhaps your teenager is having a party and you decided to buy them some low alcohol content wine coolers or maybe you made a little punch with a cup of wine in it. Next thing you know you are getting a call from a concerned parent because he or she could smell alcohol on his or her child’s breath when his or her teenager came home.

You are about to be charged with the felony crime of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in Colorado. You may be also charged with multiple various forms of child abuse. Don’t “go it alone”, these are serious charges and can wreck your life in a heartbeat. Call us today to discuss your case before you speak to the police or go to court.

Whether you are guilty of something or innocent of everything, we can help you. Whether it is a plea bargain that restores your parenting rights, or a trial that fights for your justice, we are felony child abuse lawyers in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties that have “been there and done that” for our clients.

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If you need help fighting the dependency & neglect case that just began from this all, we can point you in the right direction for that as well. The first step is trust. Trust in your instinct, pick up the phone and call us today. We are available by email or by phone at 303-578-4036 and once you have spoken to us, you will understand what we mean by “when you need us, we are there for you”.

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