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Underage Drinking and Driving Archives

Should criminal history be queried on college applications?

We noted in a recent blog post a particularly disturbing reality for some young people in Colorado and elsewhere connected with the rite of college admission. Our September 24 entry zeroed in on the moment when a hopeful applicant confronts “an application question soliciting details regarding a past arrest or conviction.”

Juvenile criminal history and the college application process

Not every would-be Colorado college student looks forward to the application process. Sometimes that botched ACT or SAT score can look a bit troublesome. Maybe some of those opted-for high school classes weren’t particularly challenging. Some students filling out university forms feel that they should have hit on those extracurriculars a bit more when they had the chance to do so.

Underage drinking spotlighted in Pueblo weekend incident

The following tale is a story that is retold with similar details time and again across the United States. It involves a mass congregation of teenagers, a weekend evening and the apparent widespread availability of alcohol.

If adults have problems with Miranda rights, what about kids?

The so-called “Miranda Rights” that law enforcers are legally obliged to timely explain to criminal suspects in custody certainly have a critically important purpose. Most essentially, of course, they inform affected individuals of their right to not speak with authorities and to promptly consult with an attorney.

Underage drunk driving can ruin your promising future

Underage drinking and driving is a very serious crime that can have significant impacts on your entire future. Think about how difficult it might be to have to tell a possible employer that you have a criminal record because of an underage drinking and driving conviction. You could face the possibility of having a degree without being able to put it to use.

Why routinely harsh exactions against young offenders lack sense

Unless you happen to be an adult who favors a stern and uncompromising criminal law outcome for an offender in every instance, you likely view that some lenience should logically attach to sentences meted out to youthful offenders in Colorado and elsewhere.

What are teen driving bans in Colorado?

Teens have many driving restrictions imposed on them, and many of those restrictions are for good reason. For instance, did you know that teens in Colorado have a passenger limit? For the first six months of a teen's license, there can be no passengers under the age of 21 in the vehicle unless an adult driver who is also licensed is in the car. The following six months allow for just one passenger under the age of 21. There are exceptions to know, though. For instance, if you are 17, just obtained your license and have a friend who is hurt, you can take your friend to the hospital even though you're still within the six-month exclusion period. If you need to pick up siblings, they are also exceptions to the rule.