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860 already arrested during DUI enforcement campaigns in 2018

There have already been two DUI enforcement periods this year in Colorado: the Winter Blitz, which took place from January 19 to January 29, and a second DUI blitz that ran for three days over Super Bowl weekend. These DUI crackdowns are part of Colorado’s “The Heat is On” DUI enforcement campaign, which consists of several increased enforcement periods that take place during certain holidays and other major events throughout the year.

Sessions nixes federal marijuana policy — is a crackdown coming?

Even though more states are starting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana under state law, it continues to be very much illegal under federal law. In the past, these conflicting laws generally weren’t a problem, largely because of an Obama-era policy that essentially limited the federal prosecution of businesses and individuals involved in the marijuana business as long as they complied with state law.

New legislation hopes to rid Colorado of red-light cameras

While some people believe red-light cameras are a useful tool for making our roads safer, there are a great many who think cities simply use them to drive revenue. Regardless of which side you may fall on, however, there is no denying that it can be extremely frustrating to get a ticket from a “robot” for running a red light.

CO lawmakers trying to close perceived loophole in texting law

Last summer when Colorado’s new texting-while-driving law went into effect, many were surprised by the new language of the law ― particularly since it appeared to create a loophole that legalized texting while driving for some.

The ‘heat’ was certainly on for Colorado drivers in 2017

As we have written about many times before, Colorado law enforcement agencies will often coordinate and implement multiple DUI crackdowns throughout the year as part of the state’s “The Heat is On” DUI campaign. These DUI enforcement periods typically occur during holidays and other major events, including New Year’s, the Super Bowl and Saint Patrick’s Day, just to name a few.