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Cybercrimes people face in Colorado

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Computers and technology make our lives easier, whether it is doing our job in an office or driving a semi-truck. They also make it easier for people who get into trouble with the law. Despite recent generations growing up using this gear, knowing when people cross the line or understand their intentions can still be hard. With this all in mind, we see these five charges most often.

6 common charges

A broad range of criminal offenses fall under cybercrime, but they all involve the use of technology, computers or the internet. Depending upon circumstances, they could be either state and/or federal charges.

  1. Hacking: Foreign hackers break into a wide range of large organizations, holding their systems hostage, but it is also against the law to gain unauthorized access to employers’ systems, other people’s computers and phones, or companies.
  2. Online scams: There is an endless array of online scams, including phishing, where people misrepresent themselves to gather financial and personal information.
  3. Bullying: The tone of online interactions between friends, acquaintances and strangers has become heightened in recent years. Online interactions limit the use of nuance, leaving people to misconstrue messages. The safety of the cyber world also encourages some to say or do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. It can involve intimidation or harassment.
  4. Sexting: Sending nude or sexually suggestive images to others or groups is risky. It is a crime if it is unauthorized or unwanted and possibly a felony if it involves a minor. It is illegal in Colorado for adults to sext minors, even if it is consensual.
  5. Identity theft: People often share more personal information than they should, making it easy for people to use it for personal financial gain or misrepresentation.
  6. Piracy: People assume this has subsided in recent years, but illegally sharing intellectual property like software, music and movies is still illegal, mainly when it involves financial gain.

These are serious crimes

The penalties will depend on the nature and severity of the charges. Still, any minor or adult charged with cybercrimes should not try to clear their name without the help of a criminal defense attorney with experience handling these accusations.