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6 common crimes often tied to alcohol consumption

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Anyone whose been to college knows that binge drinking and prolonged drinking events are part of campus life. Still, this behavior can continue into adulthood in any of our communities, having a long-term negative effect. Here is a list of crimes often involving alcohol where defendants cause harm to themselves and others.

  1. Drinking and driving

Nearly 10,000 people are killed each year due to alcohol-related accidents. There are many more who cause injuries or test over the legal limit. Regardless of circumstances, mixing drinking with driving is never a good idea.

  1. Violent crimes

About 4 in 10 prison inmates who committed violent offenses were under the influence of alcohol, which fueled their aggressive behavior at the time of their crime.

  1. Robbery

Property theft can happen when there are feelings of desperation, which can be brought on by chronic alcohol use. Alcohol use is involved in about 15% of robberies.

  1. Sexual assault

About 37% of sexual assaults or rapes involve alcohol, either fueling aggressive sexual behavior or clouding judgment and leaving victims vulnerable.

  1. Aggravated assault

Addiction often causes severe mood swings and irritability, with alcohol fueling this fire. It can lead to bodily harm, serious injury or worse.

  1. Child abuse

Bringing addiction into the can lead to the neglect and abuse of children. Four in 10 abusers admit to being under the influence during their offense.

There is good news

Those who get into legal trouble because of alcohol addiction will often find a sympathetic ear in the courts. Judges understand addiction is a disease to be treated rather than a character flaw to be punished. They often sentence the defendant accordingly by employing sentencing alternatives like treatment, probation, and other effective penalties. Defendants charged with alcohol-related can discuss these options with their attorney during the initial consultation.