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When driving licenses are yanked for non-driving offenses

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

Here’s a truism that likely seems both fair and logical to most readers of this blog post: If Colorado officials suspend your driving license and precious behind-the-wheel privileges, that deprivation should occur only when it links directly to some driving infraction.

Like excessive speeding, for instance. Or driving without insurance. Failure to report an accident might quality. So too might problematic issues tied to a commercial driver’s license, texting, having an elevated blood alcohol content or other infractions related to acts that occur while a motorist is engaged in traffic.

How about a suspension that links to past-due child support payments, though? What if state lawmakers give the go-ahead to suspend your license because you failed to comply with legal duties imposed concerning a matter completely unrelated to a behind-the-wheel lapse?

Does such a disconnect between behavior and penalty seem unfair and misplaced to you?

It clearly does to both select state lawmakers and enforcement officials, who are currently pushing for change. The “problem” they are focused on is both large and incessantly growing. A recent Colorado media publication notes that, “Hundreds of thousands of Colorado drivers’ licenses are suspended each year,” with many of those exactions “having nothing to do with driving offenses.”

State Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver) is a prominent voice spearheading the effort for change, with her bill currently under legislative consideration being strongly endorsed by the Colorado State Patrol.

License suspensions for non-driving offenses adversely affect financially challenged individuals and families in an outsized way, says Herod, making it exceptionally difficult for them to support themselves and even do basic errands.

Criminal penalties affecting driving privileges can be onerous in any context. Colorado residents with questions or concerns regarding a ticket infraction or imposed penalty can reach out for candid guidance and diligent representation to a proven Denver criminal defense legal team.