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DUI: Truly, an almost-anyone-can-get-nabbed criminal charge

| Mar 8, 2021 | Drunk Driving Charges

Colorado motorists and other drivers across the country sometimes feel a sense of shame and isolation following an arrest for drunk driving and resulting criminal conviction.

They might reasonably want to revisit that self-perception.

Because a core truth surrounding a DUI case is this: An adverse behind-the-wheel encounter with law enforcers regarding alcohol consumption is far from being a singular event. Thousands of drivers are pulled over for further scrutiny by police officers every day of the year.

And they span almost every conceivable demographic. A common misconception is that only a select breed of motorists with problematic driving histories run afoul of the law in driving-under-the-influence cases.

That is patently incorrect, with arrested drivers in Colorado and elsewhere fitting virtually every description. Drivers alleged to be over the legal blood-alcohol content threshold of 0.08% span a broad gamut of personal attributes, ranging across both sexes, multiple age groups myriad occupations and every socio-economic classification.

Moreover, they sometimes command celebrity status. That is underscored in this criminal defense blog post for instructive value and to emphasize that, again, a DUI charge is something that can challenge just about anyone.

Just ask Johnny Damon.

If you’re a sports fan, you’re likely familiar with that name. Damon was a top-performing professional baseball player for nearly two decades. Along the way, he earned wide respect for a number of community-enhancing efforts, garnering an appreciably positive public image.

That image likely took a ding in some minds following Damon’s DUI arrest recently in Florida. His measured BAC level was reportedly far above the drunk driving threshold.

Damon will now interact with the criminal law system as have countless numbers of other individuals who have faced DUI charges.

Of course, he will do so in a comparatively high-profile way. His arrest and linked charges will prominently feature in news stories and highlight two key factors.

The first focuses on the varied charges that can be filed in a drunk driving case and their potential penalties. The second underscores the above-cited reality that motorists detained in a DUI matter can come from virtually any walk of life.

Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a Colorado police encounter involving a DUI arrest and criminal charges can be directed to a proven Denver criminal defense legal team.


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