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Severity of speeding penalties often surprises Colorado drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

Virtually any Colorado resident with some behind-the-wheel experience can sit at a table with other drivers and share a tale or two concerning a “close call” motoring episode from the past.

Such a recounting might relate to temporary inattentiveness and a suddenly alarming realization that we suspect many readers of our Shazam Kianpour blog posts can readily relate to.

To wit: You casually glance at the speedometer and shockingly note a variance between the posted speed limit and the rate at which you’re effortlessly breezing by other drivers.

The bottom line: You’re speeding, and by a lot.

Legions of drivers on Denver-area roadways and other state corridors manage to materially reduce their speed in a second or so without adverse consequences.

Not always, though. In fact, excessive speed is routinely clocked by radar, with unpleasant consequences attaching for individuals who must interact with police pursuant to a traffic stop.

Leniency is not a reasonably expected outcome in such an instance. We duly note on our criminal defense website that, “Colorado is one of the toughest states on speeding tickets.” If you are stopped for speeding, there is a distinct chance that you will be slapped with jail time, punitively high fines, adverse points assessed on your driver’s license and additional exactions.

It is logically the case that the degree of downsides linked with a speeding charge relate directly to the speed actually detected by radar. Some drivers receive comparatively minor tickets of a civil nature termed “infractions.” Conversely, others who are alleged to have exceeded a posted limit by 25 miles per hour or more can face far more serious charges.

Speeding tickets and other traffic offenses should never be taken casually in Colorado. A specific charge can materially sting. Moreover, it might qualify a driver as a “habitual offender” and seriously escalate the penalties tied to any future offense.

A proven traffic violations defense team can provide candid guidance and diligent legal representation concerning a speeding offense or other traffic infraction.