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Look for amped-up CO roadway police presence through end of the year

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The enforcement tools readily employed by Colorado law enforcers to identify and arrest alleged drunk drivers on state roadways are potent and multiple.

And they are on display once again after taking just a brief time out following the recent Halloween weekend.

Readers might reasonably consider this for an indication of police power on state streets and highways: The Heat Is On DUI campaign conducted from October 29 through November 2 yielded nearly 200 arrests citing behind-the-wheel impairment.

Look for more of the same from now until the upcoming New Year festivities have concluded.

In fact, the day of this blog’s posting marks yet another enforcement date, with today being the final day of the anti-DUI Thanksgiving holiday crackdown. Statistics supplied by the Colorado Department of Transportation relevant to last year’s late-November blitz are telling: Reportedly, about 100 police agencies spanning the state collectively arrested more than 400 motorists.

This year’s numbers promise more of the same. A top law enforcement official vows “to have an increased [police] presence on our roadways looking for dangerous and impaired drivers who failed to plan.” That presence customarily entails sobriety checkpoints set up across the state, beefed-up saturation patrols and materially augmented teams of police officers solely fixated on suspected drunk drivers.

The current halt on recurring Heat Is On initiatives will be notably short. The so-called Holiday Parties campaign will kick off this Thursday and run through December 14. It will be followed quickly thereafter by the New Year’s Eve crackdown scheduled from December 29 – January 2.

We wish all our readers safe driving and happy holidays.