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A “simple” Colorado traffic stop can be instructive

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Traffic Violations |

The quoted word in today’s blog headline posed above might reasonably give Colorado readers of our criminal law posts at Shazam Kianpour & Associates a solid indication of where this post is headed.

Which is toward nuance and complexity, because few police/motorist interactions involving traffic stops are actually ever simple and cut-or-dried affairs.

In fact, many of them feature police conduct that merits close and exacting examination from a proven legal defense team. That is true because, as we note on our website, “A stop can result in criminal charges that can range from driving offenses to other matters, depending on how the stop goes.”

The reason why a timely and knowledgeable legal response is warranted in many traffic cases is the propensity for such incidents to seemingly spiral out of control for an alleged wrongdoer. A driver might believe that police had no legitimate reason to make a stop in the first place, yet that detention spawned an extensive search and the filing of multiple criminal charges.

Which brings us back to the above point that individuals charged with criminal conduct pursuant to a traffic stop should promptly contact an experienced legal team to provide a vigorous defense.

Much of what transpired during a stop can be profitably probed by proven and aggressive attorneys. The initial stop itself might have been deficient, with police acting in a pretextual manner or lacking probable cause (a reasonable suspicion) of criminal activity. A resulting search might have been unlawful. Filed charges might have been excessive and/or otherwise inappropriate.

The bottom line: Contrary to what police and prosecutors often contend, a traffic stop is often anything but a simple matter.