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A sex crime charge is never a trivial matter in Colorado

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Sex Crimes |

Are there differences in outcome following a conviction of rape versus one relevant to indecent exposure in Colorado?

Of course there are, with the consequences in any criminal case being materially varied dependent on the charges filed, public perception of alleged misconduct and related factors.

Having noted that, though, a proven Colorado criminal defense legal team will stress from long experience that no sex crime charge should ever be taken likely by an accused individual, regardless of its particulars.

Understandably, some persons might logically regard an offense like the misdemeanor crime of urinating in public a bit casually. Such an act is taboo, certainly, and assuredly linked with some legal downsides, but how serious can the consequences actually be?

Candidly, they can be detrimental to an extreme degree, and defendants who underestimate them can be flatly shocked by their life-altering effects.

The bottom line with even what is seemingly a low-end Colorado criminal charge linked with sexual misconduct is its likely potential to leave lasting scars. We duly note on our website at the tenured Denver criminal defense firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates that “the restrictions on even misdemeanor sex crimes in Colorado are near unbearable.”

And that being the case for crimes such as indecent exposure, public urination or sexting, the far more serious consequences tied to felony sex offenses can be easily perceived.

What must be fundamentally noted concerning any sex crime charge in Colorado is the clear resolve of authorities to prosecute every offense and secure maximum criminal penalties.

Every person charged with a crime has a right to respond with a knowledgeable and vigorous defense aimed at maximally mitigating the potential downsides. An experienced and aggressive attorney team can provide further information.


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