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What is the true cost of a DUI in Colorado?

Even one drunk driving mistake can result in a variety of consequences. If a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction affects your driving privileges, it can limit your ability to keep up with your daily responsibilities, like driving to work, picking your kids up from school or traveling to the grocery store.

A DUI conviction may even affect your job opportunities and personal relationships. However, a DUI conviction will almost certainly affect your finances.

What expenses are associated with a DUI?

Some of the costs of a DUI conviction might be expected. For example, the fine associated with someone’s first conviction is $600. However, some costs, like the roughly $3,600 increase in auto insurance premiums, may be unexpected.

Other costs associated with a DUI conviction, include:

  • Detox/jail
  • Towing
  • Court
  • Car storage
  • Defense attorney
  • Probation alcohol/drug evaluation
  • Rural alcohol & substance abuse fund
  • Alcohol/drug education/treatment
  • Victim impact panel program
  • Probation supervision fee
  • Victim assistance fund
  • Victim compensation fund
  • Ignition interlock rental/service
  • Law enforcement assistance fund
  • License reinstatement
  • Community service supervision fee
  • Instruction permit
  • Restricted license
  • Persistent drunk driver (PDD) surcharge fee
  • Brain injury fund fee

When all the expenses are considered, someone’s first DUI conviction can cost them around $13,500. This can be a startling amount that can be difficult to fit in almost anyone’s budget.

DUI consequences can be severe, even if it was someone’s first mistake. Fortunately, someone who is accused of driving drunk may have options to defend against these accusations. Because every situation is different, the best defense strategy may vary from case to case. However, an appropriate defense strategy can help prevent someone from experiencing unfair consequences.

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