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Heightened police presence on Colorado roadways

The activities that Coloradans across the state engage in over extended holiday periods are of course many and varied.

There is a certain commonality attached to one experience that is similarly shared by many residents, though.

 And that is this: the receipt of a traffic ticket for one or more behind-the-wheel infractions.

The Memorial Day break routinely bears that out. As it does each year, the three-day period just before summer invariably yields a large number of citations for Colorado motorists.

Thousands, in fact. If there’s any sort of perverse upside for a ticketed offender, it resides in the fact that he or she is hardly alone in being pulled over.

Large numbers of citations will likely be reported for the 2020 holiday, as is routinely the case each year.

Here’s one reason why: When the relevant numbers concerning drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving and other charges are counted up and announced, they will have been duly influenced by the notable “Heat Is On” campaign.

That initiative is a frequently recurring DUI enforcement measure conducted across the state. The campaign undoubtedly ensnared a large number of drivers this year.

Support for that assertion is readily augmented by relevant numbers from the 2019 Memorial Day holiday period. More than 320 Colorado drivers were arrested for DUI over last year’s measuring period.

State drivers will be unable to catch more than a proverbial breath or two in the wake of the Heat’s conclusion last Tuesday. The next enforcement program is slated to run statewide from June 12-22.

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