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April 2020 Archives

Ban on breathalyzers: a reminder of their unreliability

Controversy has dogged the breathalyzer ever since an amateur chemist invented the device in 1954. Faulty readings convinced some courts to bar prosecutors from using results against people accused of driving under the influence. Authorities in the Great Lakes region are now investigating whether one manufacturer broke the law to cover up glitches.

Timely focus: COVID-19 mandates and criminal charging

Our Shazam Kianpour & Associates criminal defense blog is perhaps one of the longest tenured blogs in Colorado. The firm has been diligently striving for well more than a decade to keep our valued and diverse readership timely informed on engaging and personally meaningful topics and stories.

What might happen if that police interaction gets a bit heated?

Let’s take a quick introductory look in today’s Shazam Kianpour & Associates blog post at a police/citizen interaction that gets somewhat volatile. We’ll examine that exchange from the perspective of both an arrested individual and a Colorado prosecutor.

Theft by receiving: Do you have to do the taking to be charged?

Colorado readers of our blogs at the established Denver criminal defense firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates likely see the following types of scenarios routinely play out on television crime dramas.

Legal marijuana does not always mean you are out of the woods

It has been six years since Colorado voters decriminalized recreational marijuana. But cannabis users still have rules to follow. You can still get arrested if you are carrying more than the one ounce the law permits for anyone 21 and older. Where you decide to light up can also have consequences.

Crossing the line online

Traditionally, when we think about harassment, we generally think of face-to-face interactions. But online communications can also cross the line and constitute harassment.