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Domestic violence a heightened concern over the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

The year-end holidays are a period of unaltered joy and thankfulness for legions of Colorado couples and families.

Not all, though. On-point statistics annually reveal that the final few days of December and the beginning of the new year also mark a period of heightened domestic abuse across the country. The holidays are not universally about upsides and bliss. They can also promote stressful conditions that spawn family violence.

The ramifications of that are serious. The ramifications of that are notably serious. And, notably, they are also often underappreciated by involved parties. We note that key point at the long-tenured Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates. We stress on our website that, “Many people simply plead guilty to try to make the matter disappear, often without realizing the implications of their actions.”

They shouldn’t. The consequences of a domestic violence accusation can be severe for an alleged violator, even when that person (generally a male, but not always) is never convicted.

ConvictionArrest and conviction is another matter altogether. The adverse results stemming from that can be many and material, including these outcomes:

  • Mandatory criminal processing
  • Compliance with a stringent order of protection
  • Jail time and probation
  • Loss of parental visitation and custody rights
  • Judicially ordered treatment plan (e.g., addressing drug or alcohol abuse)
  • Loss of employment position
  • Forfeiture of a professional license

As lengthy and far-reaching as those cited consequences can be, they spell only a partial list of potential downsides for a convicted offender. Some convicted individuals can never obtain desired job-linked security clearances. Others cannot serve in the military, secure student loans or readily obtain housing.

In short, we note on our website, “A conviction will impact nearly every part of [an offender’s] life.”

That reality is stark and unforgiving, obviously. And yet it is not a foregone conclusion in every case. An aggressive and experienced criminal defense legal team with a proven record of client advocacy can provide further information.