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E-scooter crash lands Denver man with a DUI charge.

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It’s a popular trend in metropolitan cities. Piloted by city dwellers eager to take advantage of a convenient new mode of transportation, rented scooters have rolled into major cities around the country.

But these app-based scooters have also brought potential controversy with their proposed convenience. While some have used the scooters to hop between bars, one Denver resident recently found that these vehicles can also land you behind bars.

Are scooters a safe alternative to drunk driving?

While these app-based scooters may seem like a fun, convenient way to bar hop, there are flaws to this method. Namely, that operating a scooter while intoxicated can also lead to a DUI charge.

Recently, a man crashed into a police vehicle after a Colorado Rockies game while operating an electric scooter. The scooter operator suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He now faces charges for careless driving and DUI.

Unfortunately, this individual learned the hard way that driving one of these scooters still counts as operating a vehicle. But while these scooters may not be the best way to prevent a DUI, there are other options for enjoying a night out without fear.

Other ways to avoid DUI

Ride-sharing is another app-based form of travel that’s been trending in recent years. These services alleviate users from operating any kind of vehicle while enjoying a night out. While these rides can be a little pricier than a scooter, they are certainly cheaper than receiving a DUI charge.

Ride-sharing apps are not the only method for avoiding driving while intoxicated. With the holiday season approaching, we’ve put together a short guide to avoiding drunk driving in a recent blog post. No matter what method works for you, the most important thing is making sure you stay safe.

A DUI can have harsh penalties, even when it pertains to operating a scooter. For specific questions regarding drunk driving, reach out to a proven criminal defense attorney local to your area.