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Denver crime statistics: glass half full or half empty?

| Jul 15, 2019 | Criminal Defense

There are both optimists and pessimists when it comes to assessments regarding the rate of violent crimes committed in Denver.

Let’s spotlight the latter first. Those with a doom-and-gloom perspective concerning city crimes like robbery, sexual assault and domestic violence can readily point to a slew of downside statistics and data just released by a public policy research group. The Brennan Center for Justice states that Denver tops all other American cities for its spike in violent criminal activity over a recent measuring period.

That information will duly raise the eyebrows of virtually every reflective city resident. Reportedly, violent crime featuring across the urban landscape between 2017 and 2018 jumped by about 9 percent. Conversely, it dropped – and more than marginally so – in most other large cities nationally over the same timeframe.

There’s your half-empty glass.

The negativity is tempered by additional data that is empirically promising, though, and optimists are quick to cite it.

Its bottom line is this: The referenced crime spike might be distressing, but it proceeds from a comparatively low starting point. A Denver Post article discussing the Brennan study stresses that the city’s violent crime rate is still only “about a third of what is reported in the country’s most violent large cities.”

Moreover, the 2017-2018 period might end up being a mere blip on the tracking screen, given more recent evidence from 2019 that shows improvements across virtually every crime-measured category.

There is this to consider, too: The violent crime rate currently on display is about one-third lower that it was a generation ago back in 1992.

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