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Spotlight on Colorado’s exacting vehicular homicide law

Regular readers of our criminal defense blog posts at Denver-based Shazam Kianpour & Associates note well our recurrent stressing of one fundamental point concerning Colorado law relevant to drunk driving.

That is this: It is harsh and uncompromising. State drivers convicted on DUI charges can expect to be vigorously prosecuted by government lawyers intent on securing maximum penalties.

Those exactions can be notably punitive, even in cases that are straightforward and lack aggravating factors. Heavy fines are routinely doled out. License suspension or revocation is a common outcome. Jail or prison terms often ensue.

That latter outcome can be flatly life changing in some instances. Such was the case recently for a Colorado motorist. She was sentenced to a 24-year prison term following her conviction on charges of DUI-related vehicular homicide and vehicular assault, respectively. Those are felony charges in Colorado. They were applied in the woman’s case following a crash last September that killed another individual and seriously injured two other people.

We have spotlighted vehicular assault and homicide previously in the firm’s blogs. We direct readers who would like further information on the subject matter to a June 11 entry from last year. We noted therein that vehicular homicide is “a strict liability offense carrying stringent and undeniably life-altering penalties.”

Questions or concerns regarding the topic spotlighted in today’s blog post or any other driving-related criminal charge in Colorado can be directed to an experienced criminal defense legal team.

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