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Denver metro venue for fourth major pot raid within the past year

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation |

“Because it’s money.”

That was the bottom-line rationale delivered last week by a federal Drug Enforcement Administration official underscoring the reason for a described “huge” search-and-seizure operation conducted across the Denver metro area.

That sting was large, indeed, with a Denver Post article noting that it netted “thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of dollars.”

Last Wednesday’s enforcement effort was reportedly focused on large marijuana grow houses on private properties, with pot cultivated on those premises allegedly being destined for black market out-of-state sales.

Notably, the operation was far from an isolated event. Rather, it was preceded by three similar efforts targeting the Denver metro and surrounding environs within just the past 10 months.

A quick indication of the sting’s committed resources was clearly on display from the multiple and diverse enforcement agencies involved in it. Reportedly, the DEA led the charge. Officers from Denver’s Joint Metro Task Force joined in, along with agents from the FBI, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and additional local agencies. A large team of investigators worked for approximately two years collecting evidence before engaging in last week’s action.

Law enforcers say that the potential for huge profit is the driving force behind illicit growing operations. Reportedly, growers selling product to a legal Colorado dispensary net about $800 per pound of marijuana. That amount is estimated to be about four times higher when sales go to third parties who in turn sell the pot on the black market outside the state.

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