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January 2019 Archives

Is a beefed-up ban soon coming re behind-the-wheel cellphone use?

We note on our criminal defense website at Shazam Kianpour & Associates the often mistaken assumption that a ticketed traffic offense is largely an irritant/inconvenience and nothing more.

Colorado’s “Winter Blitz” is not what many readers likely think

The term “Winter Blitz” is currently being referenced in many Colorado media outlets. That might reasonably sound like an all-out effort by marketers to lure state residents into shopping centers to scarf up the holiday season’s remaining inventory. An exciting limited-time-only offer for a ski vacation might alternatively come to mind.

What is a habitual traffic offender?

Sometimes drivers make a mistake and the consequences can be severe. It can sometimes set you up to fail again and lead to further charges.

How has legalized cannabis changed Colorado?

Legalized recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado on January 1, 2014 after voters passed Amendment 64 in the 2012 election. The amendment outlined a statewide drug policy and supporters believed its passage would allow officers to focus on violent crime prevention. Opponents believed it would lead to increased adolescent marijuana use and addiction.

A look back at Colorado’s 2018 DUI Heat is On campaign

Colorado Department of Transportation officials can’t say for sure whether their notably aggressive DUI enforcement campaigns are having appreciable effects out on state streets and highways.