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Time to move on: Boulder County pot-linked initiative welcomed

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Drug Possession |

How would you feel as a Colorado resident convicted of a minor criminal marijuana-linked charge (say possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use) in light of current state laws that now render that once-adjudged crime completely lawful behavior?

Pretty conflicted, right? On the one hand, you might be glad to see law’s practical evolution in the state. On the other hand, though, the more logical dictates of today’s statutory and case enactments regarding much marijuana-tied behavior haven’t helped you in dealing with your criminal conviction.

There is it, prominently displayed as an adverse mark on your personal record. Perhaps it has held you back in applying for certain jobs. Maybe you couldn’t serve in the military because of it. You have possibly been impacted in other harsh ways, as well.

A clear dichotomy exists as the result of Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed back in 2012, which legalized recreational pot use in the state. Namely, behavior that is legal today was illicit prior to that date. That’s obviously not a fair outcome for many residents.

Boulder County officials have recognized that and are now doing something about it pursuant to their “Moving on from Marijuana” initiative. As noted by a recent media report, the program’s goal is to quickly “vacate and seal old marijuana convictions on behalf of qualifying defendants.” The Boulder DA’s office states that it will make good-faith efforts on behalf of all affected individuals to contact government agencies having information about their convictions, ordering them to destroy all derogatory data.

That will be welcome news for many. Questions concerning the initiative or any other marijuana-tied issue or challenge can be directed to proven attorneys at an established Denver criminal defense law firm.