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December 2018 Archives

Regulators’ report underscores country’s opioid addiction problem

Cops know it. So too do judges and prosecutors. And knowledgeable and caring criminal defense attorneys are perhaps more attuned to the problem than all other participants in the country’s criminal justice system.

Do you know how many Colorado DUI campaigns occur annually?

If you’re resting on some inside info and think you stand a good shot at delivering the right answer to the above-posed headline in today’s blog post, fire away.

Can a police officer search your car at a traffic stop?

Being pulled over for a traffic stop can be nerve-wracking. Even more nerve-wracking, the officer asks to search your car. Do you say yes? Can you say no? You may not know what to do in this situation. Here are a few facts that may help you to know your rights during a traffic stop:

Time to move on: Boulder County pot-linked initiative welcomed

How would you feel as a Colorado resident convicted of a minor criminal marijuana-linked charge (say possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use) in light of current state laws that now render that once-adjudged crime completely lawful behavior?

Should Denver end its red-light camera program?

Colorado’s red-light camera programs seem to be dropping in popularity across the state. The legislature tried to get rid of it twice, but the governor vetoed both tries. Last month, the citizens of Aurora took matters into their own hands and voted to get rid of the red-light camera program in their city. Will other cities do the same?

Can Colorado develop better screening tools for juvenile offenders?

Here's a key problem concerning Colorado justice authorities' initial contacts with juveniles who find themselves in trouble with the law: differential treatment is often doled out to young offenders across the state who have similar profiles and are charged with the same types of crimes.