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One Colorado anti-DUI campaign ends, another commences

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

If there is one activity that Colorado law enforcers clearly relish, it is putting wheels to the pavement in great numbers while focusing narrowly on one specific target.

Readers of our Denver criminal defense blog can likely pinpoint that select audience immediately, correctly noting the tight focus of roving/saturation patrols on suspected drunk drivers.

And let’s just add the word “enduring” to the above paragraph, given the non-stop nature of Colorado drunk driving campaigns.

In a nutshell, they never stop, at least for long. In fact, one highly publicized initiative just ended on Labor Day, with touted results in its immediate wake.

Just consider these numbers, furnished by the Colorado Department of Transportation. For starters, 886 state motorists were reportedly pulled over and arrested for drunk driving during the late August-early September crackdown. Fully 100 of those arrests were lodged by the Denver Police Department. An eye-popping 103 enforcement groups from across the state participated in the so-called Heat Is On campaign.

Drivers got a brief reprieve from heightened scrutiny following Labor Day. They are now once again targeted, though, in a revamped DUI investigatory effort that started last Friday and will run through October 22.

This one is termed the Falls Festival enforcement period. By all indications, it is an even bigger statewide spotlighting of drivers than the just-concluded effort. This time around, 104 enforcement arms are slated to participate. Last year’s Festival initiative yielded 1,863 DUI citations across the state. Extrapolated, that equates to scores of Colorado drivers arrested on average every single day of the campaign.

Colorado DUI criminal exactions are multiple and heavy, a point we have repeatedly stressed for readers and valued clients on our website. Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a DUI stop or arrest can be directed to a knowledgeable and empathetic Denver criminal defense attorney.