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Lots of takeaways in new Colorado DUI report

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2018 | Repeat DUI/DWAI Offenders |

What is significant about a 25-year-old Colorado male?

Demographically speaking, such an individual is more likely than any other motorist to be stopped by a state trooper or police officer for a behind-the-wheel drinking offense. If you’re looking for the prototypical example of a Colorado driver most apt to be convicted for DUI, there’s your guy.

There’s lots more to notice, too, from the findings of a 106-page report recently released by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice. That research effort was ordered last year by state legislators seeking to know more about the drinking and drug-related behaviors of Colorado motorists. Its findings are many and notable. They were culled from a whopping 27,000 impaired driving files relevant to 2016 incidents.

What that evidence indicates most prominently is that it is unquestionably a man’s world in Colorado when it comes to impaired motoring.

Put another way: It is relatively rare for a female driver in the state to be charged with drunk driving. Men suffer the consequences nearly 75 percent of the time.

And again, it is mostly that prototypical 25-year-old who is being flagged, along with legions of other drivers in the 20-something range.

State officials are disturbed by that. It also bothers them that nearly four of every 10 persons charged with DUI has a prior conviction on file notwithstanding Colorado’s harsh consequences for DUIs.

The obvious effort put into the research underscores just how serious Colorado law enforcers are about identifying and punishing impaired drivers.

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