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August 2018 Archives

Does refusing testing decrease the chances of a DUI conviction?

If you are ever arrested for drunk driving in Colorado, the police will likely ask you to submit to some type of chemical testing to determine if there is alcohol or drugs in your system. In most cases, this will involve either a breath test or a blood test.

Have you already seen a saturation patrol or two this morning?

It’s that time of year again. Cue that The Heat Is On Song from yesteryear and – if you’re a Colorado motorist – start scanning the roadway around you for a decidedly heightened police presence.

My BAC test was taken more than 2 hours after driving — now what?

If you are arrested for drunk driving in Colorado and the police have probable cause to believe you violated one of the state’s drunk-driving statutes, the law says you are required to cooperate with police and submit to a breath or blood test in order determine your blood-alcohol-content (BAC). If you refuse, you can face certain penalties, including the loss of your license.

Can I choose a blood test instead of a breath test?

If you drive a motor vehicle in Colorado, the state’s expressed consent law says that you are already “deemed to have expressed [your] consent” to the testing of your breath or blood to determine whether you have alcohol in your system.