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Denver Police Chief White exits, hopefully without speeding

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Traffic Violations |

A recent Denver Post article described a certain local driver as having “a lead foot.”

And, indeed, the personal driving history of that individual in recent years would reasonably seem to bear that out. Since that motorist’s arrival in Denver in late 2011, his driving record has been dinged by speeding tickets levied on four different occasions. And those offenses were added to by ticket issuance for running a red light and involvement in three traffic accidents, two in which he was found at fault.

An outlier citizen, perhaps? A scofflaw determined to challenge authority and test the limits of the law?

Actually, the offender is long-time Denver Police Chief Robert White, whose tenure officially comes to an end effective next Monday. Unquestionably, White has amassed a dubious driving record while traversing the streets of Denver,

And, to his credit, he has owned up to every behind-the-wheel lapse. Reportedly, White has duly paid up for every infraction, as well as suffered both oral and written reprimands. It bears noting that all of the chief’s speeding tickets related to relatively low-speed offenses.

“I don’t know else to say,” White recently said to a reporter after responding to questions concerning his somewhat blemished driving record. “I need to be held accountable like everybody else.”

That he was, and he is certainly to be wished well as he moves on to new horizons and opportunities. We relate his traffic woes simply to underscore that no individual or occupational category is spared from the potential of a traffic citation. Teachers, students, doctors, bank tellers, clergymen, actors, construction workers and just about everyone else can be pulled over and ticketed for some alleged offense.

Including cops.

“As human beings, we [all] make mistakes,” notes a Colorado police consultant commenting on the chief’s driving history.