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April 2018 Archives

Drivers can’t run stop signs, but soon cyclists may be allowed to

A few months ago, we told you about a proposed Colorado law that would, if passed and signed by the Governor, allow cities and counties to enact ordinances allowing bicyclists to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights.

Colorado’s brain injury testing revealing for justice system

A recent Denver Post article’s reference to “poor judgment, impulsiveness, lack of inhibitions, short temper and inability to solve problems” might reasonably link in many people’s minds to descriptors of individuals embroiled in the criminal justice system.

If adults have problems with Miranda rights, what about kids?

The so-called “Miranda Rights” that law enforcers are legally obliged to timely explain to criminal suspects in custody certainly have a critically important purpose. Most essentially, of course, they inform affected individuals of their right to not speak with authorities and to promptly consult with an attorney.

How many marijuana plants are legal under CO law?

When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use under state law, many people started growing their own plants -- although there were legal restrictions as to how many marijuana plants each person could have. For instance, Colorado law typically allowed each person over the age of 21 to cultivate up to six marijuana plants, so long as no more than three were flowering at any given time. Medical marijuana growers were often permitted to have more.