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February 2018 Archives

Spotlight on Denver Police Department's inaccurate crime data

The Denver Police Department is no different from peer organizations across the country in wanting to be as accurate as possible regarding crime reporting and classification. As a recent Denver Post article duly notes, "Inaccurate or false crime data can damage a department's credibility."

860 already arrested during DUI enforcement campaigns in 2018

There have already been two DUI enforcement periods this year in Colorado: the Winter Blitz, which took place from January 19 to January 29, and a second DUI blitz that ran for three days over Super Bowl weekend. These DUI crackdowns are part of Colorado’s “The Heat is On” DUI enforcement campaign, which consists of several increased enforcement periods that take place during certain holidays and other major events throughout the year.

Spotlight on federal/state collusion in evidence matters, Part 2

The bottom line expressed in our immediately preceding blog post is clear-cut. It underscores the need for a proven criminal defense attorney to subject every piece of evidence against a client to closest scrutiny.

What is "parallel construction," and should it concern Americans?

Maybe it was nothing more than the lucky break that law enforcers and prosecutors say it was. The driver simply made a questionable lane change on a freeway outside Denver and was pulled over. And, behold, multiple police officers who just happened to converge at the roadside stop discovered several kilos of cocaine in the car.