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The ‘heat’ was certainly on for Colorado drivers in 2017

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Firm News |

As we have written about many times before, Colorado law enforcement agencies will often coordinate and implement multiple DUI crackdowns throughout the year as part of the state’s “The Heat is On” DUI campaign. These DUI enforcement periods typically occur during holidays and other major events, including New Year’s, the Super Bowl and Saint Patrick’s Day, just to name a few.

So just how many people were arrested for suspected drunk driving during these DUI crackdowns in 2017? The answer: 10,367, according to numbers released by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). In fact, here is the breakdown of the 14 DUI enforcement periods in Colorado during 2017:

  • Winter Blitz 2017: 608 DUI Arrests
  • Super Bowl Weekend 2017: 278 DUI Arrests
  • St. Patricks Day 2017: 669 DUI Arrests
  • Spring Event Enforcement 2017: 1958 DUI Arrests
  • Memorial Day Weekend 2017: 332 DUI Arrests
  • Summer Blitz 2017: 508 DUI Arrests
  • July Fourth Weekend 2017: 394 DUI Arrests
  • Sturgis Rally 2017: 552 DUI Arrests
  • Labor Day Weekend 2017: 1184 DUI Arrests
  • Fall Festival Enforcement 2017: 1863 DUI Arrests
  • Halloween Weekend 2017: 375 DUI Arrests
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend 2017: 616 DUI Arrests
  • Holiday Party Enforcement 2017: 656 DUI Arrests
  • New Years Eve 2017: 374 DUI Arrests

It is important to remember, however, that the more than 10,000 DUI arrests listed above are only those reported during the 14 specific DUI enforcement periods — meaning there were likely thousands of additional DUI arrests that occurred during non-enforcement periods.