Over 10,000 Criminal Cases Handled in the Denver Area

No doubt about it: Colorado law enforcers are serious about DUI.

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

It’s one thing to talk a tough game, and another thing to follow through on the rhetoric.

Regarding the subject of drunk driving, Colorado law enforcers unquestionably do both.

State motorists are regularly reminded by officials and criminal authorities of the outsized penalties and dire repercussion linked with DUI convictions in Colorado. The list of exactions is both lengthy and harsh, ranging — even for first-time offenders — from heavy fines/court costs, jail time and license suspension to ignition interlock installation, spiked insurance rates, community service and more.

Enforcers do more than talk, though. Indeed, and as prominently noted in a recent Denver Post article, they aggressively pursue drunk drivers and make arrests.

Lots of them. The cited Post article conveys in a rather eye-popping headline that state patrols arrested 10,000 Colorado motorists last year on DUI charges.

Actually, that’s an understatement, with the paper noting an actual count of 10,359. Extrapolated, that equates to well more than one arrest per hour in the state — every day of the year.

Notwithstanding that aggressive stance, it merits noting that not every behind-the-wheel arrest involving drinking yields a criminal conviction.

And that often owes to the timely and on-point intervention of a seasoned Colorado DUI-defense attorney. Knowledgeable and proactive legal advocacy can often do much to dampen the downsides of a police encounter and allegation of drunk driving.

State motorists facing DUI-linked challenges can turn to a proven Denver criminal defense law firm for case investigation, representation in court, plea negotiations and comprehensive protection of their legal rights.

Colorado law enforcers are unquestionably aggressive in their DUI campaigns and initiatives. So too are experienced attorneys in their defense of valued clients who turn to them for legal help.