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CDOT thinks personal breathalyzers can help prevent DUIs

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Firm News |

Personal Breathalyzers might be the key to helping drivers avoid DUIs — or at least the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) thinks so.

According to the results of CDOT’s 2017 Breathalyzer Program, only 9 percent of first-time DUI offenders who participated in the program believe they have driven impaired since they first received their personal smartphone Breathalyzer, compared to 28 percent before.

In total, there were 475 individuals who participated in this program, with 75 percent reporting that they actually used the personal Breathalyzers to determine if they were legal to drive after drinking alcohol.

Some of the other interesting results reported by CDOT include:

  • Before participating in the program, 42 percent of the individuals confidently believed they could drive after a few drinks. After using their personal Breathalyzers, only 30 percent were still confident in their ability to drive.
  • After participating in the program, 94 percent agreed that all drivers who regularly drink should have their own Breathalyzer.
  • After participating in the program, 91 percent “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that owning a personal Breathalyzer helped them avoid driving impaired.

Probably one of the most significant findings of this program is that only one participant reported a DUI conviction since receiving a personal smartphone Breathalyzer.

While this is merely a small sample of Colorado drivers, the results of this program do indicate that personal Breathalyzers can help drivers avoid DUI arrests in the first place.


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