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Red light cameras; a polarizing police tool in Colorado, nationally

| Sep 18, 2017 | Traffic Violations

Colorado join select other motorists nationally in subscribing to the stated rationale for red light traffic cameras, and thus accept them.

Others, though, have a decidedly different viewpoint.

And, candidly, we’re talking legions of drivers in that “others” demographic, as indicated by captured feedback across the country and media stories that regularly report the mass dissatisfaction of motorists in affected states.

High numbers of Coloradans who receive tickets resulting from an overhead camera snapshot loathe the enforcement tool that traffic officials find convenient, cost-effective and highly profitable.

In fact, notes one recent Denver media report, “Many drivers consider the operation a scam,” disdaining the use of red light cameras and regarding their use as nothing more than a money grab and easy way for municipalities to pad their coffers.

The cited article focuses on subject matter that many readers might find instantly interesting, namely, a strategy that ticketed drivers might employ to forgo paying camera-related fines.

In a nutshell, that is this: don’t let yourself be formally served within 90 days after photo evidence of an offense is produced, either in person or through a return signature on a certified mail notice.

Readers can contemplate the details of that strategy and related particulars through accessing the link provided above.

Alternatively, of course, they might take the logical step that many ticketed motorists with grievances do when seeking to responsibly challenge state action that seeks to penalize them for an alleged behind-the-wheel offense.

That is, they can promptly consult an experienced Denver traffic violations law firm with a team of proven attorneys who routinely provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation to motorists needing legal help.

On-point and timely advocacy can often make a material difference in the outcome of a legal matter involving a driving offense.


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