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New marijuana rules on edibles and labeling go into effect Oct. 1

Starting next month, two new marijuana rules will go into effect in Colorado: one that outlines the permitted shapes of edibles, and another that deals with labeling. The ultimate goal of these new rules is to keep marijuana from getting into the hands of those who shouldn’t have it — namely, young children.

The first rule is the result of legislation that was actually signed by Governor Hickenlooper last year. Otherwise known as House Bill 16-1436, this particular bill clearly states that both medical and retail marijuana edibles cannot be produced or sold if they are in the distinct shape of any of the following:

  • Human
  • Fruit
  • Animal

As reported in a recent Colorado Department of Revenue bulletin, this prohibition on certain shapes includes anything that “bears the likeness or contains the characteristics of a realistic or fictional human, animal or fruit, including artistic, caricature or cartoon renderings.”

However, the law also states that this prohibition does not include geometric shapes that are simply fruit flavored, nor does it include the shape of the marijuana leaf.

New rules on labeling

There is another rule going into effect on October 1, and this one is designed to make sure marijuana products are obviously labeled.

Specifically, this rule requires that medical and retail marijuana be labeled in a font size that is at least two sizes larger than the surrounding text on the label, and in no case shall this new marijuana labeling text be less than 10-point font. The new labeling text must also be in bold and enclosed within a shape such as a square or circle or highlighted in a bright color (such as yellow).

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