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Recent Colorado roadway enforcement program underscores key point

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Traffic Violations |

The Click It or Ticket program that commands uniform appeal for traffic law enforcers nationally yielded some impressive results in its most recent application across Colorado.

To wit: Reportedly, the spring initiative — “meant to serve as a reminder to drivers as we enter the summer months,” notes one state online publication focused on traffic enforcement — ensnared a whopping 5,505 drivers who were subsequently slapped with tickets for not wearing belts and/or having other occupants in their vehicles improperly restrained

As pointed out, the fine for forgoing a belt while behind the wheel is $65, which some state residents might regard as irritating though not compellingly dire.

We have noted in prior select posts that such thinking might actually be understating the consequences of a traffic-related ding in Colorado, though, and for multiple reasons.

For starters, the state employs an insurance-related point scheme. One ticket in itself might arguably not be a big deal, but multiple citations can add up in a significant and pricey way.

And, as we note on our proven DUI-defense website at the Denver-based law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates, PC, collective offenses can make any Colorado motorist “a target for police” and ultimately, in some instances , “change your life … dramatically.”

No reasonable person wants that, of course, which is why it makes eminent sense to respond in a timely and proactive manner to any traffic-related exaction imposed by authorities. Specifically, an affected motorist might consider promptly contacting a team of proven defense attorneys who collectively command decades of on-point experience promoting the interests of Colorado drivers facing traffic-related charges.

Seeking to lawfully minimize the adverse effects linked with a traffic violation to the fullest extent possible simply makes sense from every conceivable standpoint. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can help promote that logical goal.