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“Average” Colorado DUI conviction yields major loss of time

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

As a number of media sources have dutifully related over past months, the cumulative costs linked with a Colorado-based DUI conviction for any state resident are flat-out onerous, if not draconian.

We noted one of those sources in a blog post from earlier this year, stating in our April 12 entry referencing it that the magnitude of personal exactions in a given drunk-driving driving case might reasonably “scare the pants off most Coloradans.”

To wit: Reportedly, an individual convicted of DUI in Colorado can easily shell out more than $13,000 in responding to (as noted in our above blog post) “about two dozen different fines and charges.”

And that would hardly stop the blood that figuratively flows in the wake of a DUI conviction. A recent media report on drunk driving cites this notable number compiled from research collectively done by a number of Colorado agencies: In addition to the many thousands of dollars that he or she must typically spend on a drunk-driving matter, a convicted individual will also expend about 170 hours of personal time responding to DUI-linked state requirements.

As the Herald Times notes, “That’s the equivalent of more than a month of full-time employment” for most people.

And much of that time must be devoted in incremental doses, spread over a lengthy period, as is the case regarding the nearly 80 hours of alcohol/drug education that can be eaten up to the tune of only two hours a week.

Unquestionably, the time and money required to deal with a Colorado DUI conviction in its aftermath is notably significant.

A proven DUI defense attorney can advocate diligently on behalf of an individual charged with a drinking-related offense in an effort to mitigate the downsides of a conviction and its related exactions.