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This time of year, one DUI campaign follows another in Colorado

Seasoned drivers in Denver and across Colorado are seldom surprised each year around this time when they suddenly become aware of a heightened police presence on streets and highways across the state.

Summer is synonymous with lots of annually recurring themes and events, of course, the biggest of which is obviously the imminently looming 4th of July holiday and its related festivities.

But there is also this, which becomes manifestly evident each summer: drunk driving enforcement campaigns that put high numbers of patrol cars on roadways virtually everywhere in Colorado.

To wit: According to a recent news report, more than 80 law enforcement agencies across the state are taking part in a currently ongoing campaign targeting behind-the-wheel inebriation. The Summer Blitz initiative was commenced earlier this month and is slated to run through today.

And state motorists should know this: Almost directly on the heels of its termination, another focused police effort will put a commanding spotlight on drivers. Starting this Friday (June 30) and running to July 5, the annually recurring The Heat is On campaign will bring a ramped-up police scrutiny on urban and rural roads spanning the state.

Motorists will of course want to be aware of that, given the clear and markedly adverse consequences linked with a DUI arrest and conviction.

The above-cited media report highlights a recent quote from Colorado State Patrol Chief Col. Scott Hernandez, namely, that "an average of 77 impaired drivers are arrested in Colorado every day."

That "average" figure spikes sharply of course during summer's special enforcement campaigns. Drivers will want to take due care and, if interacting with police officers pursuant to an alleged drunk driving stop, timely contact a proven Colorado DUI defense attorney for advice and aggressive legal representation.

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