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Truly, potential costs of a Colorado DUI are shockingly high

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Are you a Colorado resident who — like legions of others — is working hard to whittle down your home mortgage?

Would a 13-grand infusion help out just a bit?

Of course it would, but imagine for just a second if you were forced to apply such a nice chunk of cash to something else in your life that you were a little less enthused about.

Like state-imposed exactions relating to a drunk driving offense.

A guest columnist in a recent media piece wants you focused on that possibility for a few moments. In fact, Colorado State Patrol commander Richard Duran writes in a manner that seems almost purposefully intended to scare the pants off most Coloradans contemplating the economic downside of a DUI conviction.

Here’s what you need to know, he says: It is sheer.

In fact, it could be every penny of that $13,000 and more, depending on the severity of your offense. Duran ticks off a decidedly lengthy list of costs he states any Colorado driver “can expect to incur with a DUI,” which he notes comprise “about two dozen different fines and charges.”

Here are just a few of the items he references: paying for your jail time; towing costs for your vehicle; court costs; money required for participation in mandatory alcohol/drug classes; spiked insurance rates; costs to install and maintain an ignition interlock device; fees related to license reinstatement; and more.

If Duran’s article is meant to grab the attention — and even intentionally scare — many readers, his words likely accomplish that task.

And they certainly underscore this imperative for any Colorado motorist who has just been arrested or criminally charged for DUI: the need to promptly secure the knowledgeable and aggressive help of a seasoned defense attorney who routinely provides strong advocacy on behalf of embattled motorists facing the formidable powers of state law enforcers.

Indeed, a DUI in Colorado can be a pricey proposition. Securing timely assistance from an experienced legal advocate can sometimes lessen the sting associated with the experience.