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Recent holiday brings strong DUI focus; a few words on penalties

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | Felony DUI |

Just how serious are Colorado law enforcers when it comes to looking for alleged impaired drivers and obtaining criminal drunk driving convictions?

Let a few material details relating to St. Patrick’s Day answer that question.

Here’s one: Law enforcement agencies across the state ramped up their DUI focus big time over the recent holiday, with a whopping 80-plus police departments in Colorado putting a special emphasis on identifying, arresting and charging drunk drivers. That amped-up manpower was on display for two consecutive weekends.

And it brought results, as indicated by this stark number: Reportedly, the mass out-on-the-roads police presence and stepped up patrol activity yielded 607 arrests, a number that was up a full one-third from DUI-related arrests made over the St. Patrick’s holiday period in 2016.

Of course, penalties come with convictions and, as we point out on our website, they can be flatly severe. We note that, although there is no “one-size-fits-all” fact pattern for DUI/DWAI police/citizen encounters, many arrests result in criminal convictions, onerous financial penalties, jacked-up insurance premiums, time spent behind bars and additional downsides.

And if an arrest brings a felony DUI conviction, the exactions can be draconian, indeed. A fourth DUI or DWAI conviction can lead to incarceration in a state prison for a period of up to six years and a stunningly high fine of several hundred thousand dollars.

If such results accrue, many aspects of a convicted individual’s personal and professional life are also unduly compromised, of course, if not outright devastated.

The bottom line with any drunk driving-related arrest in Colorado is simply that it is an exceptionally serious manner.

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